Maureen Maclise is changing lives at Portland Therapeutic Yoga

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Maureen aims to provide a non threatening place for yoga practice that is welcoming to regular bodies who have lived life and who need a chance to learn how to function properly.

Her goal is for her students to enjoy life as free from pain as possible and to not be at war with their bodies.

Maureen’s Story

Maureen knows how limiting the life of pain can be.  Her health was compromised at a young age, and she was close to bedridden into adulthood.  Maureen struggled with pain and the inability to fully participate in life and to do the things she enjoys.  One day, she joined her parents at a seniors yoga class and saw hope.  She learned that yoga offered her a path to healing.  She followed that path for five years, using techniques from both Eastern and Western medicine, and gained relief from pain and the freedom of movement.  She learned the patience of healing first hand, and has seen its rewards.  To see Maureen move freely and at peace now as she instructs yoga practice is truly a wonder.  She is an inspiration for anyone wishing to heal the body and the mind.

Maureen lives in SE Portland and loves the vibrancy and transition of the area.  She and her partner frequently take urban walks throughout the city, and Maureen loves seeing all the changes going on in the neighborhoods.  She moved to Portland because she always came here on vacation after spending her college years here.  She decided to
live her vacation, as she says.  She also enjoys playing tennis and swimming.

Portland Therapeutic Yoga

For Maureen, yoga is a lifestyle she wants to share with others.  She teaches a yoga practice that beckons to the roots of yoga.  She believes yoga is about fitting the practice to the student, and not about the student fitting the practice.  It’s okay if sitting still during practice is what works for the student – she is not teaching “the next aerobics.”  As a student of hers, I can attest to the sanctuary her studio is, where I am gently guided to move in peace.  A believer in the idea that the students she is ready for will show up, Maureen is now training yoga instructors at her studio, after her students began asking about it.

Portland Therapeutic Yoga is located at 5001 SE Brooklyn Street, Suite D.  The website is 

Portland Therapeutic Yoga is well worth the visit.

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