Wag the Dog: A Way of Life for Christine Anderson

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The Tale of Wag:  Christine Anderson is celebrating the 10th anniversary of owning and operating Wag the Dog at SE 50th Avenue and Division. For Christine, owning Wag the Dog is about a way of life.  Christine’s goals are to provide a good life and a happy place to work for her employees, to be able to work with the animals she loves, and to be able to spend time with her family.

Christine has succeeded.  She has created a family atmosphere at Wag, including the four-legged family members (and a few finch)!  Many employees have been there since the beginning and bring their dogs to work.  Christine’s lab, Godiva, “interviews” all new dogs to make sure they have the proper temperament to join the daycare family.  The dogs who come are having a blast and are well cared for.

In the Beginning:  Christine’s love of animals goes back to her childhood.  She grew up on a ranch in rural eastern Oregon and loved all the animals.  Christine’s first dog, Baily, was a crazy chocolate lab, whom she calls her first dog soul mate. Doggie Daycare was a relatively new idea in Portland then, but Christine took Baily to one.  It didn’t take long for Christine to realize she wanted to run her own. Christine did her homework.  She read animal behavior books and searched for a space for the daycare facility.  She found the current location, and Wag the Dog had its home.  The building had been a refrigeration repair shop, and was in bad shape.  Christine and her soon-to-be-husband put in many hours, and opened Wag the Dog just two weeks before their wedding.  (Happy Wedding Anniversary too!)

Wag had small beginnings.   It was only open M – F during the day with just a few dogs to start, and Christine did it all.  Wag eventually grew to the full service facility it is today, with seven day a week daycare, boarding, grooming, and dog behavioral training.  During Wag’s first year, Christine occasionally took a dog home overnight.  Soon, more clients began requesting overnight care, so Christine included boarding as part of Wag’s services. Grooming was another natural fit, and the dog groomer is the daughter of a long time employee.

Happy Dogs and Happy Life:  Christine obviously loves the life and business she has created.  She has discovered just how individual and personable dogs are, and is amazed by the wonderful things dogs do.

Christine has a bachelor’s degree in animal behavior and a Master’s degree in biology, with an emphasis on physiological determinants of behavior.   She is a part-time instructor at Mt. Hood Community College and the mother of two young children.

Learn more about Wag the Dog at www.wagportland.com, or call them at (503) 238-0737

(Wag the Dog is no longer in business. Christine sold the business.)

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