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It’s About Service for Scott Stepan at Gourmet Coffee Systems

Scott Stepan prides himself on providing outstanding and personal service to his clients at Gourmet Coffee Systems. Offering office coffee service, Gourmet Coffee Systems comes in and sets up the break room with coffee, tea and other hot beverages and provides brewing equipment and filtered water coolers. Being a locally owned company, Gourmet Coffee Systems caters to its clients with quick, reliable, and responsive service.

Scott Knows Coffee

Scott started the business with his father in 1987. They were both already working together at another coffee business, with Scott working in the service department, installing and repairing coffee brewing equipment.  In fact, coffee has been Scott’s business his entire professional life.

Gourmet Coffee began as a catering company, providing coffee service to events, conferences and other special occasions. About a year into the business, they added the office coffee service side of the operation. Scott’s father was mostly in charge of the catering side of the business, while Scott ran the office coffee service side. Being a small company, they worked long and hard days to build their business.

Scott remembers how it was a 7 day a week job, partly because of the demands of catering services.  Now the daily time demands have diminished to 50-60 hours a week, but he faces the challenge of keeping the right inventory of a perishable product and making sure the business runs smoothly.

When Scott’s father wanted to retire, they sold off the catering side of the business.  Now, Scott owns and operates the office coffee service. Gourmet Coffee Systems offers a variety of coffee and hot beverage choices to its clients, and it sources much of its coffee locally.   They also encourage their clients to receive their coffee in larger bags, instead of the single brew packets, to promote the use of less packaging. The coffee bags come with measuring scoops too!

Gourmet Coffee is Family

The staff of Gourmet Coffee Systems is small, and they are like family. Most of his employees have worked with him for many years, and I could sense the familial feel when I was touring the office and facility.  Scott also does not outsource any of the work.  He and his staff manage all the accounts personally, and he has also built lasting relationships with many of his clients.  Once you get to know Scott, you notice his integrity right away and can’t miss his great sense of humor.

Scott has an amazing team.  His staff delivers and services the brewing machines.  They deliver the coffee, beverages and supplies on a weekly or semi-weekly schedule.  If a client has a broken machine or needs more supplies, Gourmet Coffee is out that same day to the rescue.  We all know how the office mood falls when the coffee runs out!

Loving the Outdoors

Growing up in Portland, Scott has the typical Pacific NW passion for being outdoors in his blood.  In the winter, he and has wife head up to Government Camp every weekend to pursue their love of skiing and snow boarding.  In fact, this year Scott is the captain of a ski racing team in a local recreational ski racing league (PACRAT).  He and his wife are also very active in a local ski club, Mountain High Snow Sports Club.   When it’s not raining (and snowing at Mt. Hood), Scott and his wife spend a lot of time on his fishing boat, kayaking, mountain biking, rafting or camping.

Scott says owning a business is hard work, but he also treasures the flexibility so he can pursue the activities he enjoys and can spend time with his family.  Check out Gourmet Coffee Systems for your business!  Find them at their website or give them a call at (503) 231-7476.  Scott will love to meet you!

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