The Healing Touch of Elizabeth Pond

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Elizabeth Pond, a massage therapist at Body Aware Massage, wants to help people heal through the art of massage. Elizabeth aims to make massage as affordable as possible, so that her clients can treat massage as part of their everyday wellness plans.  She believes that regular massage heals not only the muscles from strain, over use, and stress, but also benefits the mind and other parts of the human physiology, such as helping circulation and boosting the immune system.

Your Massage:  Elizabeth offers professional massage to meet the specific needs of her clients.  Because most of her clients are repeat-clients, she gets to know their needs and styles, so she can choose the type of massage that best suits their condition and wishes.  She does not advertise, but relies solely on her reputation as a superb therapist. Approximately 90% of her clients return, and many rely on her for long term massage therapy management.

She is trained in many modalities of massage, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point massage, sports massage, motor vehicle accident injury, and pregnancy massage. She begins each session with a Q&A about what might be bothering her client at that particular point in time, and then makes sure to focus on that area with the right type of massage.  However, each massage includes a bit of massage just for relaxation.

The Path of Massage:  Elizabeth kind of stumbled into massage.  Prior to massage therapy, Elizabeth worked as a dental assistant. She started having problems with muscle pain, and began to research how massage could possibly help her. She signed up for a massage therapy class at East West College more to help herself instead as a new profession.  In fact, the school wanted her to sign up for the entire educational program, but she just started with one class at a time and kept going.  She and her instructors soon realized she had a talent and skill for massage, so she officially enrolled.  She continued to work as a dental assistant while attending massage therapy school.

Elizabeth Pond wants to help people heal through the art of massage. Elizabeth aims to make massage as affordable as possible, so that her clients can treat massage as part of their everyday wellness plans.

She started working as a massage therapist right after finishing school at a studio in NE Portland and left the dental assisting gig.  She was brought on originally to help with the other therapists’ overflow, but ended up building her own client following.  After 4 years there, she joined Body Aware Massage with some former colleagues.

Thrivelihood:  Elizabeth thrives as an entrepreneur.  She loves being her own boss and the flexibility it gives her in running her business.  She loves to trade her services too.  She thinks it’s cool to offer someone a massage in exchange for a hair cut, for example.  She also enjoys the flexibility it gives her.  Massage is hard, physical work, and she is able to schedule her massages in a manner that allows her to best serve her clients and her own physical needs.

Elizabeth also thrives as a massage therapist.  She loves what she does.  She gets to help people and alleviate their pain.  At times, she is a friend and sounding board for her clients.  She reports it’s kind of like being a bar tender.  People start relaxing on the massage table and begin to tell their stories and share their struggles.  At other times, Elizabeth says, people use the time to just be quiet because a peaceful space is what they need.  She is thrilled to not only help heal their muscular pain, but to also provide an emotional healing space as well.

Time Check:   Elizabeth does struggle with making sure she gets enough free time.  It’s hard for her to say no when that client calls at the last minute in desperate need of a massage on an already overloaded day.  But she does find time for her own relaxation.  She likes to snowboard and spend time with her family and dog.

The City Life:  Body Aware Massage sits in the heart of the NE Alberta District, and Elizabeth couldn’t be happier about that. She loves the sense of community and the creative atmosphere. She enjoys exploring the neighborhood and breathing the free spirit that flows freely there, and soaking up the diversity of people and food.  She said she was originally drawn to Portland at age 19 wanting to experience the city life after growing up in a small town on the Oregon coast.  She has not only adapted to the city, but has grown to love all its uniqueness and personality.

Meet Elizabeth:  Body Aware Massage is located at 2225 NE Alberta Street, Suite B.  She does not generally accept walk in appointments, so call ahead at 503.257.1444 or book online at either Elizabeth’s website ( or at  Also explore the websites to learn more about Elizabeth!

UPDATE:  Elizabeth has moved to Africa. We are anxiously awaiting her return.

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