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Tori Boyce: Personal Crossfit Trainer Is Building Fitness and Memories

Tori Boyce’s passion is fitness and helping people. As a personal trainer at Cross Fit X Factor, Tori helps her clients achieve physical and mental fitness and weight loss goals, while also reducing the risk of injury through Crossfit training techniques.

Not Your Everyday Workout: Crossfit is not just some fancy name for the same workout.  Unlike traditional fitness training, Crossfit training focuses on a total body experience, as opposed to building strength one muscle or muscle group at a time. Crossfit work outs are multi-functional, ensuring that you use multiple muscle groups at the same time, mimicking natural movements.

Therefore, you won’t find a bunch of weight equipment, cardio machines or Nautilus machines at a Crossift gym. Instead, the gym is sparsely populated with pull up bars, some boxes, a few benches and some weights. You might receive a prescribed workout for setting a benchmark for your fitness that you go back to every now and then, but mostly the work outs will vary daily and will be unpredictable.

Total Crossfit Fun!:  Tori loves Crossfit, and radiates enthusiasm as she talks about it. She says it’s the workout that gives you the most bang for your buck.  So, what’s not to like? The workouts are short, but with more intensity than a traditional workout routine. You can get in and out of the gym quickly, but still achieve the same level of fitness as with the traditional, longer work out.

That being said, Tori designs her clients’ workouts to meet their specific and personal goals.  For example, if your goal is weight loss or metabolic conditioning, she will adjust the intensity level and length of work out to meet those goals. Because the workouts are not specialized, you achieve a well rounded fitness level.  Also, because the work outs are so intense, it is impossible to multi-task (text, talk on the phone, watch tv) while working out.  This demand for focus also builds mental fitness and acuity.

The Joy of Tori:  Tori says there are many rewards in her Crossfit training business.  First, she just loves the atmosphere at the gym.  The people are committed to their fitness level, while they are also focused on community and the family at the gym.  She also loves seeing her clients reach, or even surpass, their fitness goals. One client lost 16 pounds.  Another learned to do head stands. She recalls another special experience when a client conquered a fear of inversion and exclaimed, “you changed my life.”  What gets better than that?

Of course, all rewards are coupled with challenges.  While Crossfit training is gaining popularity in Portland, clients can take a while to warm up to it because of its differences from traditional training techniques.  Clients do not work independently, but enroll in classes. Some clients may be caught off guard by the lack of fitness machines. Like many independent business owners, Tori faces the back and forth swings of business.

Living Portland:  Tori grew up in southern Oregon near Grants Pass.  She moved up to Portland to experience the “city life,” and now enjoys the lifestyle here.  She says that while Portland is a city, it doesn’t always feel like a city! Like many of us here, she loves being outdoors.  In fact, she’s even climbed Mt. Hood a few times.

Building Memories:  I quickly sensed one of Tori’s other passions is to travel.  Tori has visited six continents, and stepping foot in Antartica is on her bucket list.  She recently visited Turkey, and loves southeast Asia, especially Thailand. She’s also been to Africa, Europe, Peru, Australia and New Zealand.   Tori ventures off often on her own, not waiting for someone to go with her.  Tori believes in travel and would rather travel than accumulate things. She explains, “you can’t lose memories.  They are more valuable than stuff.”

Get Fit with Tori:  Tori teaches a variety of classes, including a Crossfit introductory course, Crossift Xpress, and Crossfit elements.  Crossfit Xpress provides lighter conditioning with weight free workouts, calisthenics, endurance, kettleballs and flexibility exercises. The elements class will teach the fundamentals of Crossfit training, including Olympic lifting, power lifting, gymnastic movements, kettle ball training and metabolic conditions.

Tori was bubbling with energy as I spoke with her.  Maybe it’s her enthusiasm, joy for living, or her fitness level.  But, I can imagine how she would be an awesome trainer and coach!  Get to know Tori at Cross Fit X Factor, 2202 NW Roosevelt Street, in Portland, or email her at toriboyce@hotmail.com.

Have you tried Crossfit, or are you willing to give it a try?

Lisa Ratzlaff

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