Experience the Joy of Self Care with Celia Linneman and Kyrabotanica (Now Celia Jean Acu & Herbs)

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Celia Linneman is taking self care to a new level, combining three healing and nurturing skills into a menu of professional services to make self care a breeze.  She heartily believes we should enjoy taking care of ourselves and not see it as a chore.

Tapestry of Self Care:  Celia is practicing three healing arts:  First, there’s Kyrabotanica, her herbalist business offering teas, oils and salves. Then, Celia works as a Doula and pregnancy coach. Finally, Celia is an acupuncturist.  Her journey began back in Minnesota, and her background is a mixture of life threads woven together like tapestry to create the healer she is now.

The Herbal Strand:  She went to college as a pre-med student, but lost her health insurance along the way.  Celia’s interest in self care and other ways to maintain health took off. While employed at a natural health clinic in Minnesota, she started working with plants and herbs.  She eventually chose to focus on western herbal practice as opposed to eastern, or Chinese medicine, because she believed western herbs are more accessible.  She eventually did an internship in Vermont to study western herbs.

The Doula with Herbs : Wanting to expand her ability to heal, Celia also became a birth coach, or Doula, in 2006. It didn’t take long for her colleagues to begin asking for some of her herbal mixtures. She was blending herbs into teas to help pregnant women fight colds and alleviate morning sickness. Soon, Celia set up shop on Esty, where she could sell her herbal mixtures directly to midwives. Now, she has a national client base.

Teas from Celila Linneman

Herbs to Heal:  Kryabotanica offers all kinds of teas that smell and taste good, while also providing health benefits. Celia is inspired by both eastern and western herbs when making her blends. Kyrabotanic also offers body oils, infused with herbs and natural fragrances. There are also bees wax balms and salves. The blending occurs in her kitchen with high quality herbs, some locally grown.

The Portland Bounty:  In fact, Celia is somewhat of an urban forager.  She searches urban fields to personally harvest some of the local herbs she uses, such as rose petals. She is sad as Portland continues to lose more of its urban open spaces. Celia also acquires herbs from across the country, focusing on the different qualities and characteristics the herbs from different regions bring.

The Eastern Influence: Meanwhile, Celia’s interest in eastern medicine also continued to grow.  In 2010, she moved to Portland to go to one of the best eastern medicine and acupuncture schools in the country.  In 2013, Celia graduated and started practicing as an acupuncturist at Laurelhurst Heatling Arts.

Cedar Fir Spray

Holistic Healing: Wanting to provide a holistic approach to medicine, Celia treats the person, not the disease.  In her acupuncture practice, she takes the time to get to know her patients. She wants to focus her practice on women’s health, helping women alleviate postpartum symptoms and to manage menopause and menstrual symptoms.

The Colors of Celia:  As you can probably tell by now, Celia is a woman with many interests and many talents. She admits to being challenged by managing them all and wishes she had more time in the day.

She writes a blog, www.dandelionrevolution.com about herbal medicine theory, but finds it hard to post regularly.

She is also an avid photographer, doing most of her own photo work for Etsy.  And as no surprise, Celia likes to garden and work with plants!

Celia Abroad: Celia enjoys travel.  One memorable trip was to Amsterdam, and she would love the chance to live abroad.  She appreciates the European style of taking time to enjoy and savor life’s experiences.  She also likes their appreciation for herbs and efforts to live more sustainably.

Celia at Home: But, Celia also enjoys the Pacific Northwest.  She is one of the few people I meet who wishes we had a truer winter season.  It must be her Minnesota blood.  She does enjoy cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and hiking.  Portland is now her home, and she has connected with several other transplants from Minnesota!

The Dream:  Celia is still dreaming.  Her goal is to open up her own healing center in urban Portland. She dreams of a parcel with some land for growing her herbs, alongside a shop and healing arts center for her acupuncture. She would like to have a place where people can come and enjoy the self care that is so essential to a happy life.  I think her dreams will come true.  For now, you can find her here:

Kryabotanica:  Etsy Shop
Acupuncture:  Equinox, 3302 SE Belmont Street, Portland OR 97212
On the web:   Celialinnemann.com.
Phone:  971-300-4944

Do you practice any self care?

UPDATE:  Celia Linnemann has moved and changed the names of her business.  She is now located at 443 NE Knott Street in Portland.  She now calls her business Celia Jean Acu & Herbs.

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