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Holistic Healing with Becca Ellis and Flower of Life Massage

Becca Ellis, Flower of Life Massage

At Flower of Life Massage, Becca Ellis practices an art of massage that connects the mind, spirit and body. She provides intuitive body work that is not only healing to the body, but also healing to your emotions and state of mind. In short, Flower of Life Massage is a sanctuary for healing and rejuvenation.

Healing Sense: Becca has a keen sense about her. She picks up on your energy of the moment, noticing verbal and nonverbal cues to understand your state of being. She speaks and moves with a confident calm, in a manner that is soothing, understanding and peaceful. I noticed this ability while chatting with her, picking up instantly on her empathy and healing nature.

[x_blockquote type=”center”]Becca has a keen sense about her. She picks up on your energy of the moment, noticing verbal and nonverbal cues to understand your state of being.[/x_blockquote]

Intuitive Therapy: Becca uses this talent in her massage practice. She begins each session with a brief check-in, where she tunes into your physical and mental state of being. She listens to your energy and body, and adjusts her massage techniques to use the best approach to maximize healing in that moment. She guides your breathing to calm your body – to slow you down – so you are also aware of your body and present in the healing process.

Healing the Whole: In a sense, Becca brings a spirituality to her practice. She believes helping heal the individual ripples out to the community as a whole. One you feel supported and healthy, you in turn project peace and support to the people around you. This energy, if you will, helps heal the community and even the culture we live in. The energy is contagious and seeps into our way of being.

A Calling: Becca has been practicing massage for 15 years, and she believes this longevity is just one more indicator that she is doing what she loves and is meant to do.  She studied psychology in college and also loved dance. She loves exploring how the mind and body connect, and notes that a college course in acupressure was a sort of catalyst for her.

The Transition North:  Living in California at the time, she got her license to practice massage in California after college. However, she visited Portland in 2002 and liked it so much she wanted to move here.  Interestingly enough, her California license didn’t transfer to Oregon.  In fact, Oregon requires a much longer training period than California does.  So after testing the waters in Portland for a couple of years to make sure she wanted to make it her home, Becca went through the Oregon training and obtained her license here.

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The Repertoire: Becca is skilled in many massage techniques.  She has a background in chiropractic and rehabilitation massage. She also practices trigger point therapy, deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish, Pranic healing, and craniosacral therapy. (Learn more about her services here.).  She also incorporates stretching and Yoga into her practice.  With all of these techniques in her repertoire, Becca can easily adapt each massage session to what is appropriate in the moment.

The Flower: I asked Becca why the name “Flower of Life Massage,” and she smiled. She pulled out her business card and showed me the geometric pattern for the Flower of Life. It is an ancient and sacred unifying symbol for life that she discovered while in college. She also seems to have an affinity for flowers in general. She fell in love Portland when seeing cherry blossoms in the snow.

Becca’s Art of Life: It turns out that Becca is also an amateur nature photographer and dabbles in water color. Opportunities for nature photography abound in Portland. Becca loves to photo flowers and petals and other natural beauty found in Portland.  She also still dances and practices yoga, and yes, treats herself to regular massages and acupuncture.

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Get to know Becca! Give her a call and treat yourself to a very special and healing massage. Her studio is located at 1937 NE Broadway Street, Suite B in Portland.  Her phone number is 805.284.2512.  You can also check out all her services, learn more about her, and book an appointment on line at her website:

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