Excel at Being What You Are with Deborah Ivanoff, The Being Coach

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Deborah Ivanoff helps you listen to yourself and to your soul.  As The Being Coach, she helps you clear the clutter in your thoughts, so you can focus your activities on those that align with who you are.  By doing this, she helps you achieve goals you may have never thought possible.

A Story: Deborah explains that the best way to understand what she does is to share a story.  Imagine a very talented person who cannot move forward with his plans because of procrastination.  This person is educated and possesses an entrepreneurial spirit. Yet, this person is stuck.

Moving Forward: Deborah then asks him some probing questions about himself to help him discover not only his road blocks, but also what he can accomplish using his values as his road map. He wants to care and provide for his family, but feels overwhelmed by it and can’t move forward. By stepping back and taking action that matches this value, he begins to feel that every action has meaning.  He can now move forward at lightening speed.

When everything is aligned, we can leverage an energy from within to get things done really fast. Deborah’s goal is to get us all in alignment, so we can achieve great things.

Your Dislikes Matter: What types of questions might Deborah ask?  First, she says, is to identify what it is you don’t like. She explains that it’s often easier to identify what we don’t like, or what we hate even, than it is to articulate what we want.  Take something you fear, and flip that to a value.

Get To Your Values: She suggests making a list of all the behaviors that drive you crazy because they reflect the things you don’t want to happen.  For example, if you can’t stand it when people are late, well then you probably value time, and value your own time.  Then, apply that value to your current situation and see if they conflict and determine if you can make them fit.

It’s All Connected: Deborah believes all the various parts of our lives are connected.  To be happy, she says, we need all those parts to align and not be separated or compartmentalized.  She believes we can’t really separate what we are professionally from what we believe is right, or how we value our free time or families. When everything is aligned, we can leverage an energy from within to get things done really fast. Deborah’s goal is to get us all in alignment, so we can achieve great things.

The Accidental Coach: Deborah got into coaching almost by accident.  As a single mother facing what seemed liked mountains of challenges, such as a leaky house, she wanted to feel good instead of angry and helpless. So, she enrolled in coaching school to coach herself – to help herself get going and get things done. But a funny thing started to happen.  People started asking to talk to her, and she discovered she could help people find that special something inside themselves.

Deborah Ivanoff and Daughter


Good Stuff Happens: Deborah works with people from different professions, but seems to have many Realtors and other small business owners as clients. She helps these professionals learn to celebrate their wins and successes and to design intentional change.  She has seen procrastinators suddenly get things done in record pace. Clients begin to make more good stuff happen, and they gain confidence where it counts.

Deborah’s Magic: Just in the short time I spoke with her, I could sense Deborah’s magic.  She has the keen ability to listen and hear what you’re really saying from inside yourself.  You’re comfortable sharing with her, and you leave invigorated to move forward.

A Cheery Place: Deborah arrived in Portland about two years ago, following her daughter here. Deborah is happy here, enjoying all the Portland uniqueness, such as Kombucha anywhere and its fairy-world-like atmosphere. She even thinks the city is cheerful, including when it’s gray outside.

Sharing: That may just be Deborah’s disposition. She describes herself as “The BEING Coach” – as someone who teaches go-getters how to get more clarity, more confidence, and more momentum so they can more quickly and easily manifest more of what they want.  But I think it’s also how she shares herself and the power and joy she sees in all of us.

 Her Coaching: Deborah is a certified mediator, facilitator, and author of the book “How To Make More Good Stuff Happen.” She coaches one-on-one, in groups, and in online class room settings to assist clients in aligning their inner preferences and values with their outer actions to overcome any sabotage or resistance that arises with the process of making the changes they desire.
She can be found at TheBEINGCoach.com.

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