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Make Your Space Buzz with Ullika Pankratz of UP Design Lounge

Ullika Pankratz, retail designer extraordinaire and owner of UP Design Lounge, wants to help you make your retail or office space shine. By bringing good lighting, beautiful color and height differences into your space, Ullika will help you create a space that stands out, attracts more attention, and enhances your business.

Design for All: Ullika is quick to point out that good retail design isn’t just for the big players in retail. She emphasizes how small businesses really benefit from regular visual face lifts. A new window design, new display props or just a fresh splash of color can really rejuvenate a space and its ambiance, both attracting new interest and exciting regular clientele.

[x_pullquote type=”left”]Ullika is quick to point out that good retail design isn’t just for the big players in retail. She emphasizes how small businesses really benefit from regular visual face lifts. [/x_pullquote]

Visual is Key To Success: The problem, Ullika says, is that small business owners often lack the expertise, time or money to pay attention to their visual marketing. Focused on the hard work of running their business, small business owners often put visual marketing in the back seat in the day-to-day operations. Yet, Ullika adds, visual marketing can be a key ingredient to a successful business.

UP’s Tool Box: Ullika understands the time and financial constraints facing small business owners, and offers a variety of services to fit their budgets. She’ll come in and lead you through a brain storming session to just trouble shoot easy-to-implement solutions. She’ll suggest simple tools for displays, like boxes, bikes or other items you may already have at your disposal. If you’re looking for more assistance, she of course can provide that too.

Designing Community: Ullika also teaches a variety of seminars in cooperation with business associations throughout the city. She believes that retail design reaches out beyond the doors of each individual store. She explains that the look and feel of a community, commercial street or shopping district is also important for creating excitement and attracting business – a destination where people want to stop and shop.

Creative Cooperation: Ullika loves working with small business owners through their associations and watching how they begin to see more ways to cooperate and to create a more visually appealing environment for them all. She says Portlanders are very supportive of small businesses, while the business owners have their own sense of community. They are, according to Ullika, a very creative group of people, willing to support each other and to co-create. Ullika sees a Portland full of thriving hyper local commercial and shopping districts, each with their own flair and personality.

Exceptional Knowledge: Ullika knows more than a few things about visual merchandising and design. As a German, she had true hands on educational opportunities that don’t really exist here. She studied her art and trade while also working as an apprentice in her field for 3 years. She returned to the United States after her education and spent many years working as a retail designer for IKEA.

A Passion for Retail Design: A few years ago, Ullika felt the urge to go out on her own. She played around with business ideas and models. She’s also a talented residential interior designer, and started working in that field first. But soon she moved back into what she really loves – retail design. Her face lights up when she talks about creating window props, designing signage or introducing better light to a space.

A Bit of Europe: Ullika arrived in Portland about three years ago, after living in Seattle. She says the Pacific Northwest is the only part of the US she wants to live in. Portland, in her opinion, is more like Europe than most other cities in the US. I think Portland’s pocket neighborhoods with independent businesses, large urban core, and of course the weather, remind her of home in Hamburg, Germany

A Unique Place: Personally, I’m very glad Ullika is here, and all the other small business owners like her. I think she’s right – Portland is unique. Walk down any street and you will encounter any number of small independent businesses practicing their unique version of a trade, cooking up tasty cuisine, or selling a variety of local products and goods. Every neighborhood holds a new discovery.

It’s definitely worth your while to meet Ullika! She is full of energy and vibrancy, and just lots of fun to be around. She’ll bring that joy, energy and buzz to your space!

Learn more about Ullika at www.updesignlounge.com.

You can contact Ullika by email at ullika@updesignlounge.com or by phone at 503.869.6541.  Her studio is located at 4048 North Williams Ave. Portland, OR 97227.

Featured image source: Ullika Pankratz

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