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Jeany Park, who owns Compass Rose Video with her husband Geoff Weinberg, is a natural. She is a natural on camera and a natural coach. She is passionate about helping small business entrepreneurs, and in particular women entrepreneurs, discover their own voice on video and how to use good video to grow their businesses.

Instant Rapport: I sat down with Jeany and was immediately at ease.  No, we weren’t filming, but I felt an almost instant rapport – a way of being together that was natural and relaxed. I am someone who is incredibly camera shy, but I caught myself thinking often during our interview that yes, I could make a video with Jeany. I almost wanted to make a video with Jeany.

The Magic: That’s the magic of Jeany and Compass Rose Video. Jeany says she wants to “help women step into the movie versions of themselves.” But it’s more than helping women getting comfortable on video. It’s also about helping women entrepreneurs get comfortable with themselves, so they can let go of worrying about their image or what the world is thinking about them. It’s about women being themselves, speaking their authentic voice, and finding success doing that.

The Power of Video: Jeany says video is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your business. Internet users are much more likely to view video than read text. In fact, video attracts three times as many visitors as text. More to the point, people are more likely to search out information about a product or service after seeing it on video. And we can’t forget about that behemoth, Facebook. Video content is more likely to be shared, and video is given extra weight in Facebook’s algorithms. Check out this infographic about video.

The Right Video: But, it can’t just be any video. The video must make a positive impact and hook the viewer in a short amount of time. How many videos have you passed by because they were too long, the first few seconds were boring or hard to understand, or the video was just hard to watch? Because of our short attention spans, Jeany suggests videos be no longer than two minutes. Also, the video should target your ideal client. Finally, the video should look and sound good. The lighting, sound quality, and angle of the camera are all crucial.

The Video Coach: Making a great video is where Compass Rose Video comes to the rescue. Because Jeany is a former professional actress and also a certified life and business coach, she’s the perfect person to get you comfortable on camera. She’s been on stage and on film, and understands the anxiety about putting your public image out there. She’s inherently empathetic, and wants you to succeed. She’s in tune to the language of emotion, and helps you effectively communicate with your potential client on video.

Being You: Jeany enjoys working with clients who are resistant to being filmed and are camera shy. When you first meet with Jeany, she’ll just sit and talk with you, maybe running the camera in the background and out of the way. She wants you to forget about the camera. She emphasizes that it’s not your place to judge. It’s your job to tell your story and to connect with your clients. Jeany brings out your authenticity – all those moments when you’re true to who you are.


The Secret Weapon: While Jeany is what I call the video coach, she says her husband is the secret weapon. Geoff is the partner with the technical expertise and makes sure the lighting is right, the angle is right and that the video looks great. Compass Rose Video rents space in a studio in Oregon City for filming to make sure the setting is just right. Both Jeany and Geoff are present during filming. Jeany coaches you through the session and helps you develop your message, while Geoff creates the perfect video.

The Duo: Compass Rose Video seems to be the perfect blend of personality and expertise.  Jeany’s acting experience includes the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the movie “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” and multiple industrial training films. Geoff is an engineer. Together they are a powerful punch of skill, knowledge and inspiration.

The Gap: Jeany got the idea for Compass Rose Video after searching for someone to help her shoot a video. She quickly discovered that most video companies were cost prohibitive and did not understand the small business entrepreneur or that marketplace. She saw a gap, especially for women entrepreneurs, and she set out to fill it. It looks like she hit the spot. Business is growing fast.

Infectious Happiness: Jeany says she’s happy, and it shows. She is doing what she loves, and she is helping other business owners use video to their advantage. Jeany also enjoys working with her husband. I think this happiness is part of their success and magic. It is contagious and will “infect” anyone working with Compass Rose and Jeany Park.

Learn more about Jeany, Geoff and Compass Rose Video at, and follow them on Facebook.

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  1. Jeany Park is the best coach you can have for your video. I was kind of skiddish about the idea of putting-my-face-out-there, but Jeany makes it easy and fun.

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