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Get Ready to Fly with Plane Jane Takes the Runway

Jane Moe is on the go. Jane is a recreational pilot, seamstress, entrepreneur, and creative genius. In her business, Plane Jane Takes the Runway, Jane sews and creates apparel and accessories designed for the aviator or for those who love aviation, with a special focus on items for women. Jane’s passion for aviation, sewing and creativity shine through her designs, and her business is taking off.

Taking Off

I Can Do It: Jane’s story is one of passion, tenacity and inspiration. It all started with the Hawaiian-style shirts with an aviator theme for men. Jane thought the shirts were cool and wanted one. She shopped around to get one for herself, but couldn’t find one. So, Jane naturally decided she’d make one herself. This is typical Jane. She is a person who just simply gets things done without letting obstacles get in her way.

Flying Apparel:  Already an experienced and talented seamstress, Jane had the skills necessary to start a women’s line of aviator apparel and accessories. One of her first creations was a skirt she could wear while flying. Jane explains flying a private airplane is a physical workout, and the pilot often needs to work on the plane. Jane designed a pleated skirt with shorts built in so she could comfortably wear it while flying. Jane designs her own patterns, and her apparel is made per order.

Flying in Style

Flight Bags

Go Around: Jane also created a bag called a Go Around. It’s a bag to hold a pilot’s flight bag. Jane says pilots spend a lot money on these special flight bags that hold all their gear. We live in a wet climate, and many of the bags aren’t waterproof and can get dirty or wet when set down on the ground. Jane ingeniously designed a bag to be a protective layer for these pilot bags.

In The Bag: The Go Arounds look a bit like shopping bags, but they are not quite the same size. Jane makes different sizes of the bags designed specifically to hold the most common sizes of flight bags. Jane uses oil cloth encased in vinyl to make the bags. One side of the bag also includes an old flight chart, also protected from the weather. The bags have pockets and pizazz. They are both fun and utilitarian. In fact, I think it would be fun and handy to have one of these bags, and I’m no aviator.

Don’t Stop While You’re Having Fun

Having Fun: Soon other aviators started seeing Jane’s work and wanted to share in the fun. Naturally, Jane saw an opportunity to channel her passion into a business and started Plane Jane Takes the Runway. She is having a blast, and her creativity is flowing. She designed coasters created from old aviation charts. She’s got a magnetic whiteboard with a runway on it. One midnight inspiration was a wine bag. Jane admits her home is a workshop, full of supplies and workstations.

The Power of Yes: Jane says the biggest challenge for her is finding ways to get her accessories made. Take the whiteboard for example. Jane works with a few suppliers to make the boards, and many suppliers told her that her whiteboards couldn’t be made. When asked how she finally located the suppliers to piece it together, Jane says “I don’t stop until someone says yes.” On the flip side, she also keeps saying “yes” to her ideas and to requests for apparel or accessories. I think it is this attitude and philosophy that set Jane apart – that are the lift behind her business taking off.

Take the Runway

Map Coasters

Keep Asking: Jane has a history of such perseverance and faith. Jane shares that she was previously involved with a design patent for an electronic game scoring system. She says she and her partner faced similar challenges. She learned to keep asking until she found the right person – the person who will either do it or explain why it cannot be done. She learned to take risks and say yes earlier in her professional life, and has lived that way consistently.

Inspirational Passion: The other force behind Jane is her passion. Jane tells me the easiest things are the most enjoyable. I think she more than enjoys her work – I think it is part of her soul. She is driven to create Plane Jane Takes the Runway and cannot imagine doing anything else. She has big dreams, and I think she’ll achieve great things. It’s as if this business is an extension of herself – her passion, creativity and strength. She’s taking off for flight, not necessarily knowing the destination, but enjoying the exploration and believing in herself.

Learn more about Jane by exploring her website at www.planejanetakestherunway.com and follow her on Facebook.

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