The Big Heart of Bonny Nickens and Bonny’s Helping Hands

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Bonny Nickens lives from her heart. Her heart’s passion is to help seniors live fulfilling lives and to live independently at home. Her business, Bonny’s Helping Hands, focuses on reaching out to adult children with aging parents who need extra help caring for them. Bonny puts it best. “I am Bonny Nickens. I help families keep their seniors independent at home.”

A Friend to Trust. Bonny is truly a gem. When we first sat down to chat I knew immediately I would trust her with my mother. She couldn’t stop smiling as she spoke about the seniors she helps and befriends.

I am Bonny Nickens. I help families keep their seniors independent at home.Bonny Nickens

New Friends: Bonny helps her new friends with transportation for errands and appointments. She takes them out to cultural events. She plays games with them, and she learns their stories. Although Bonny does not provide any type of medical or health related services, Bonny is so much more than just an extra hand. Bonny opens her heart and is a friend in the truest sense.

Their Stories: Bonny shared a story of taking a woman to the Portland Art Museum for an exhibit about fashion. She met her friend at an assisted living home, where Bonny also volunteers. The woman couldn’t stop talking about going to this exhibit, but the home didn’t have the resources to get her there. Of course, Bonny signed up to take her. Bonny didn’t know her new friend had worked in the fashion industry until they got to the show. Bonny says the woman lit up at the show, as she reconnected with the names and people who were part of her story.

The Magic: This is Bonny’s magic. She brings life and joy back into lives that otherwise would be isolated and lonely. She tells me about two sisters who lived a few miles apart. These two sisters desperately wanted to visit each other, but needed help to make it happen. One of the daughters asked Bonny to help, and Bonny reconnected the two sisters. I thought of my sister, and how I would cherish anyone who helped us reunite if lost from each other.

From the Heart: Bonny also volunteers once a week at an assisted living facility. While there, she visits and plays games with the residents, and of course makes friends. She remarks that now the most popular game is Monopoly, and of course there’s always Bingo. But I don’t think it’s really the games per se. I think it’s her warm heart that brings the residents to her side.

Bonny’s Story: Bonny knows first hand what it’s like to take care of aging parents. She moved to be with her aging parents so they could remain at home. Bonny is also a retired school teacher. She worked many years with deaf children, even learning sign language. After caring for her parents, Bonny moved to Portland to be closer to family.

Help from Bonny: Bonny, with Bonny’s Helping Hands, can be the person who helps lift aging parents’ spirits, reconnects them with life, and provides them with the independence they cherish. She will work with seniors who live in Southwest Portland within a 30 minute radius from her home in King City. However, the adult children can live anywhere in the U.S.

Bringing Peace: In fact, her services seem perfect for children who live distant from their parents. With my own aging parent in California, I know the struggle we face to make sure our parents are happy and have the services they need. Bonny can also help parents with busy families who have little time between work and their own family. Bonny brings peace to adults who are trying to care for their parents.

Learn more about Bonny on her Facebook Page.  Or give her a call at 971-832-9027.

You can also learn more about her services on the attached flyers.


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