The Magical Spirit of Monica Ensign and Monica Ensign Design

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Monica Ensign is a natural artist and designer who sees the innate beauty in people, places and things. In essence, Monica Ensign Design is really just an expression of Monica’s spirit. Monica approaches interior design as way not only to enhance the beauty and functionality of what is already present, but also to embrace the spirit of those using and living in the space.

Magical Spirit

Spirit: The first thing you notice about Monica is her spirit. It’s a spirit of warmth, generosity and acceptance. It’s also contagious. Simply talking to Monica will lift your spirits. Monica brings that energy to her design work as she transforms spaces into places you love being in and using – places where you feel at home.

Birch Trees. Monica tells me a story of birch trees. She knew someone who wanted a mural on his wall. Monica thought it would be a fun project and jumped right in and painted a birch tree mural. This mural transformed the space for her friend, who now says it’s the best place he’s ever lived.

Letter for Design

The Letter. Sometimes you know your calling almost instinctively. Monica is one of those lucky people. She tells me of the letter she wrote when she was 12. Her teacher asked each person in the class to write a letter to their future self in 10 years and what they imagined they would be doing. Monica wrote about interior design, thinking of wooden beams and brick walls.

Her Calling: Almost by happenstance, Monica found the letter years later. She’d forgotten she’d written it. As she read the letter again, all those years later, she knew completely that she’s meant to be a designer. She had been dabbling in various forms of art, but at that point refocused on interior design. Monica has a degree in Fine Art and studied Interior Design at the Academy of Arts in San Francisco.

Magical Space

Small Space Magic

Small Space Magic. Source: Monica Ensign Design

Small Space Magic. Monica developed a knack for working with small spaces and designing clever ways to make them work more efficiently and beautifully. Monica says she likes the puzzle aspect of it – figuring out ways to make the space work and to marry creativity with function. She almost sheepishly admits she designed the closet space for one of the producers of the show 90210. Monica doesn’t like to brag.

Transforming Space: Monica’s talents extend beyond closets and small spaces. Monica also loves to stage homes. She can walk into a room and instinctively know how to rearrange and add the right colors to make the room visually appealing to anyone. She says she’s mostly able to work with what’s already there in the space, while gently sprinkling the space with a new and beautiful spirit. She enjoys pulling it all together.

Imperfect Pearls

Beautiful Bedding

Beautiful Bedding. Source: Monica Ensign Design

Pearls and Wisdom. There’s just something really special about Monica that shows up in all she does. Take for example her project and movement, Imperfect Pearls. Monica explains the movement, and soon to be published book, is about motivating women to be authentic to themselves. She wants us all to believe that our worth is not measured by our measurements, and asks us to accept ourselves without exception. Monica is sharing her philosophy that if we are happy with ourselves and happy inside, then we can positively influence those around us.

Monica’s Magic: It’s obvious to me how this philosophy permeates into Monica’s design work. Monica transforms spaces by working with what’s already there – by giving the beauty within room to shine. Sometimes, Monica says, her clients rediscover their homes after she’s done her work. Perhaps they decide to stay put and love where they live now. That’s Monica’s magic. 

Monica Ensign Design

The Never Ending Story. There is so much more to Monica’s story. There’s her endless faith that things would work out during the time she and her family were moving back to the Pacific Northwest. There’s her story of designing space for a well-known local band.  There’s her story of love for her family and the clients she meets.

Birch Trees

Birch trees. Source: Monica Ensign Design

Meet Monica. Why do so many of us wait, I wonder, until until we’re ready to move to bring in someone like Monica to help us love where we live? Not only will she help you develop a plan within your budget, but she will also manage the entire project at no extra cost once you’re ready to move forward. Why are you waiting?Get to know Monica. Learn more about her and her story and find your


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