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Lisa is Sharing Portland One Story at a Time

Special Guest Post! I asked Cindy Hooker of Gold Dog Consulting to share my story.

When you first meet Lisa, you will be at ease with her genuine smile and sparkle in her eyes. She loves people and you can tell.  When we became acquainted a couple of years ago, I immediately felt as if I could trust her. That’s rare for a realtor—at least for me.  There’s something extraordinary about Lisa, and I think it’s her ability to focus solely on whomever she is interacting with at the time.

Lisa’s Portland Story

One could mistake Lisa for a homegrown Oregonian. We pride ourselves in the number of generations that we have ticked off in our green state. Nevertheless, Lisa epitomizes the best of what Portland used to be, and what it can be: super friendly, helpful, green, shops local and loves dogs.

Lisa moved here in 2007 after a successful career as a paralegal in Sacramento. She says the reason she loves Portland so much is because, “It isn’t a franchise city.” Indeed Portland was listed in a Biz2credit study as “second-highest average revenue in the U.S. for businesses with fewer than 250 employees or under $10 million average revenue. (California’s Riverside–San Bernardino metro area was in first place.) The culture of the city supports and celebrates all things local, small, and handmade, and the economics and politics of the city have warded off cookie-cutter strip malls and big-box plazas.” (Slate.com).

Moving to Real Estate

A few years after her arrival here, she did a complete pivot and pursued a career in real estate, where she has thrived because her joy of the transaction. As she talks about her passion in helping her clients, she glows. “Buying a home can be a confusing, complicated transaction. I love giving them advice and helping them find their dream home.” Lisa counsels clients with wisdom and assurance, and says there is a moment in the transaction, where I hand them the keys to their new home, when they think, “This is really happening.” She beams as she says this.

Lisa on Bike

Lisa’s strength as a realtor is her value of placing people first. Her clients come first, not the sale. She sees the real estate transaction as a collaborative process in order to help her clients and make the transaction better so her clients can focus on their decision. Lisa will even go out of her way to get the other side’s work done.

This passion for people, and her love of all things Portland, inspired Lisa to write a blog, Faces From the Neighborhood.  Lisa describes it best herself, “Faces From the Neighborhood shares the stories of local people following their dreams in Portland and enriching the communities where we live. This blog is a personal journey and a joy. If we take the time to get to know the people we see every day, they have beautiful and inspiring stories to tell. These people prove to me every day that the community spirit is alive in Portland.”

Sharing Stories

For the last three years, Lisa has been meeting Portland folks and telling their stories (disclaimer: she wrote one on me as well!). I look forward to her posts because they are fresh and interesting. One of her more memorable posts is about the Geese Guys.  These fellas made a business out of using border collies to rid neighborhoods and public green spaces of annoying geese and their poo.  What a great idea!

Lisa’s vision for her blog is to share her journey in and around Portland. She hopes that she can help small businesses by getting people to shop local.

Bikes & Corgis

Dagger Corgi in Car

I cannot write about Lisa without talking about her other two passions: biking and Dagger.

Like many Portlanders, Lisa is a bicycle enthusiast, commuter and advocate. She says she feels free and a little Zen on her bike. The rhythm and pace of biking are kind of meditative for her and she occasionally has an epiphany from her ride. She loves pedaling in Portland because she can wake up in the morning and leave her front door, and not be terrified about riding to her destination.

Her other passion is her dog Dagger, a Cardigan Corgi. Most days, he can be found with her, unless it’s too warm. When she is at home, he patiently lounges on the futon while she writes her blogs.
I may be bias because I adore Lisa and I’m a dog person. She’s just a lovely human being. You would be in good company to have Lisa at your BBQ or cocktail party. She can fill a room with warmth and tell you what is happening in Portland–right now.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home, and you value kind, authentic and honest realtors, Lisa is your person. Check-out her blog and find out more about her and some local businesses.

Below, I have listed a few of Lisa’s Portland favorites.

Favorite Restaurant:  Over & Out and Laurelhurst Market
Favorite Wine: Jackelope Wine Cellars
Favorite Wine Store: Pairings Portland
Favorite Neighborhood on a sunny afternoon: SE Division or NW 23rd
Favorite Mexican Food Restaurant:  Uno Mas
Favorite Vegetable Market: Kruger’s Farm Market (Most days, Lisa cooks three times a day!)

By Cindy Hooker, Gold Dog Consulting


Lisa Ratzlaff

Lisa Ratzlaff is a web designer who loves telling the amazing stories of interesting people and businesses in Portland, Oregon. Her web design business is Share Your Story Media, where she builds powerful websites for small service-based businesses that help them succeed online.