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Master Intuitive Speaking with Danielle Louise Ross

August 16, 2017 | People in the Neighborhood
Danielle Louise Ross

I don’t know why I didn’t connect with Danielle Louise Ross of Brand You Business sooner. I’d been hearing about her amazing gift as a business coach for a few years before I finally reached out. I now know what the buzz is all about. Danielle does in fact offer us all an amazing gift by helping us discover our authentic voice. Danielle believes sharing our authentic selves is a powerful way to not only embrace ourselves and our calling, but to help others as well.

The Buzz about Danielle Louise Ross is real

I only met with Danielle briefly over coffee, but I left feeling energized and with a deeper belief in myself. Danielle naturally shares an energy of acceptance and faith that flows into those around her. As we chatted about her public speaking coaching and classes, I could sense the magic she must bring to her workshops. After we parted, I was wondering how I could also share my story through the spoken word.

Danielle Louise Ross recently launched a new type of public speaking training. Not quite a workshop or traditional conference, it’s more of a public speaking practicum. You’ll gather with a small group of like-minded individuals in a theater-like setting and learn to speak as you, without scripts or tactics. With Danielle as your guide and coach, you’ll find the courage to tap into your inner creativity and to share it with the world. You’ll practice in a safe environment. Suddenly, you’ll fall in love with public speaking.

Intuitive Speaking Participants
Intuitive Speaking Participants. Photo credit: Cassandra Weiss – Bloom Photography

This October, Danielle is offering an amazing and larger public speaking conference at the World Trade Center. On October 21 & 22, you can participate in two days of inspiration and public speaking.  The conference website (intuitivespeaking.com) sums it up best, I think.

Learn how to put the right words to your big vision and teachings, while letting go of traditional speaking (and selling) approaches that don’t work for you, in a safe, supportive environment of other innovative, trailblazing souls.

Who would want to miss out on that?

Moving beyond scripts

As someone who is not fond of scripts and sales techniques, I find Danielle’s approach very refreshing. And, Danielle can back it up. Danielle shared how a big shift for her occurred while she was speaking at a women’s conference. Already an experienced public speaker and speaking coach, Danielle decided to change it up. Trusting her own intuition, she tried a new approach for her presentation at the conference.

Instead of having a prepared presentation, Danielle got the audience involved. Someone from the audience selected a question to read about common struggles presenters face. Then, they discussed the question. Danielle did not know in advance what questions would be asked, or how the audience would react. So, I imagine the presentation was much more like a conversation than a speech.

Danielle explained she was looking for a deeper experience with her public speaking – she wanted to really connect with her audience. This new approach to speaking gave her that opportunity. The spontaneity and interactivity with the audience allowed her to be her authentic self. Danielle said she had more fun speaking at that event than she had ever before. She probably also had more impact.

Your sense of voice

Danielle believes too much structure can block our creativity. “A Script is a bottleneck,” she explained. According to Danielle, we are capable of more greatness than we think. When properly supported in a culture of safety, we can practice speaking as ourselves. Each individual finds their sweet spot on the spectrum of structure. A script, however, can keep us from exploring our creativity.

Danielle Louise Ross leading Intuitive Speaking
Danielle Leading Intuitive Speaking. Photo credit: Cassandra Weiss – Bloom Photography

In Danielle’s workshops, students can choose when to speak up. Nothing is forced. Danielle shares that some students just watch the first time they attend one of her workshops. However, these students grow even without getting on the stage to speak. Students of all experience levels attend Danielle’s workshops, and they all learn from each other. I sat there listening to Danielle feeling the urge to get on stage, believing I could find my own sense of voice while speaking.

Have fun speaking

I asked Danielle if her workshops are appropriate for all types of speaking. She smiled. She wants all of us to thrive as speakers in the moment, she says, whatever the means and in any venue. Danielle believes intuitive speaking is a form of art. It’s expressing yourself in your unique style, while connecting with your audience. It’s also fun.

Yes, Danielle believes public speaking is fun! In fact, she has even tried stand-up comedy. She enrolled in a stand-up comedy class twice. The first time she really enjoyed her performance and felt like she connected with the audience. The second time, she wrote a script for her performance, with less positive results. What was the difference? The first performance was more improvisational. Danielle believes the script the second time may have held her back.

Bringing art to coaching

Danielle also has a background in acting and in music. She’s a piano player and singer, and studied theater performance in college. Danielle says she kind of fell into coaching. She was a place in her life where she needed to make a change. She met some coaches and felt drawn to it. Trusting her own intuition, she enrolled in a year-long ICF-accredited coach training program, while still recovering from a terrible illness.

Danielle quickly landed a job when she finished her training. A few years into her career, her employer faced financial struggles. So, Danielle proposed that she take on a marketing role for the firm. It worked. Three months later, Danielle got a promotion and helped the business triple its revenue. She even began to coach her old boss.

Danielle’s coaching business grew quickly. She originally considered herself a marketing coach for solopreneurs, but communication and presentation were always part of her coaching strategy. Soon, some clients wanted help with public speaking. Danielle delivered. She started creating courses for public speaking.

Connect with Danielle

After chatting for just a little while with Danielle, I just know she would be a great teacher and coach. She’s funny, kind, articulate and compassionate. I can only imagine how she lights up a room, not only by her own words and presentation, but also by bringing out the light in those around her. If you’re ready to start public speaking or to take your public speaking to the next level, connect with Danielle Louise Ross at Brand You Business.

Also, don’t forget about her upcoming Intuitive Speaking Conference in late October at the World Trade Center. You can learn more about it here.

You can also learn more about Danielle and connect with her at her website, brandyoubusiness.com.

Participants at Intuitive Speaking
Participants at Intuitive Speaking Portland. Photo credit: Cassandra Weiss -Bloom Photograph

Headshot credit:  Katie Prentiss Photography

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