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Jason Stein Offers a Path to a Healthier Business

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Jason Stein coaches wellness professionals and healers around the globe, and he teaches them how to grow and sustain their businesses in simple ways that feel good. Jason says Together is Better. After our chat, I think I know why.

We Don’t Like to Sell

Most healers, Jason says, do not like to sell or market. Some may even find the entire process nauseating. Why? Well, they haven’t learned a way to sell and market that feels right. So, Jason teaches them a healthy way to run their businesses – a way to make a profit while also making an impact.

Jason believes most healers and wellness professionals start their professions because they want to help people. And, 90% of them end up opening their own practices. However, when they get out of school, they know little about how to run and grow their practices and businesses. Consequently, they often feel lost running the business-side of their practices. Jason gets it.

Jason explains while working at an integrative medicine clinic in New Mexico, he noticed something profound. He noticed that lots of people were getting sick in the workplace. He knew there must be a better way to work, so he set out to solve that problem. He studied to become a Certified Business Coach.

Doing Too Much

While running a business, we often have many projects going on at the same time. Unfortunately, we abandon many of these projects when they’re half-finished. This cycle leads to disappointment and an eventual shut-down if it continues too long.

Jason says we often react to our businesses with our instinctive fight, flight, and freeze responses. He says a business is 15% nuts and bolts of running the business, then 85% emotional. That’s why we’re often running our businesses from emotion.

Jason noticed that lots of people were getting sick in the workplace. He knew there must be a better way to work, so he set out to solve that problem.

The overwhelm we experience from too many unfinished projects or too many projects in general can be devastating. We first end up in a type of paralysis and just do nothing. Then, we start attacking the problem maybe too hard and on too many fronts. We end up with adrenal fatigue. Finally, we just withdraw, and nothing changes.

A Simple Path to Profits

Jason admits simple is hard sometimes. Jason works with his clients to focus on only three things at a time to move the business forward. Each of is motivated differently. So, Jason asks us to slow down and to focus on what we really want deep down inside. Then, he’ll work with us to break those ideas down to simple steps that lead to goals for our businesses.

Jason’s One-Page Marketing Plan is a perfect example of this approach. During a 60 minute strategy session with Jason, you will zero in on:

  • Who your clients are and what they are looking for
  • How you really help your clients
  • What’s the easiest way right now for you to attract clients

After your session, you’ll get a one-page marketing plan that includes daily activities for growing your business. That’s it. One page for more profits. I think it’s brilliant.

Build Relationships

Relationships are central I think to Jason’s approach. My sense is he believes that relationships are not only powerful tools to grow your business, but also a rewarding way to grow your business. As humans, we thrive on relationships. So do our businesses.

Jason shares he had some great mentors who taught him how to sell in a way that felt good. First, there was Ken Weizer, who taught Jason how to build strategic alliances with other people. Then, of course, there was his father. His father was a very successful Realtor, who taught Jason the value of respecting and honoring relationships.

In a way, selling and marketing are really about our relationships with our tribes. If we can successfully share what we do, how we serve, and how we benefit our clients, our tribe will think of us and refer people to us.

I walked away from our meeting understanding that we have the chance to build healthy relationships all over the place while running a business. We can connect with our clients, with other people in our community, and with our strategic partners in the community. All of these people can help us grow our business while also adding value to our lives.

In fact, Jason also provides us with the opportunity to build relationships with like-minded professionals. He facilitates mastermind groups  where you’ll learn how to grow your business in a hearftul way. As a member of one of these groups, you’ll get the support from other members and not feel like you’re alone in the process.

Create Impact

I kind of think of Jason’s approach as viewing marketing as connecting with people – not just reaching numbers and targets. Jason says when we look to our hearts and work from there, we can learn to lead with our hearts. Then, we start seeing the whole spectrum of the business, not just the sales hook.

Take for example the relationships with the people we serve on daily basis. When we see our clients as a human connection and build a relationship there, we find the path to serve them in their space. We work toward achieving their goals.

His coaching practice is a manifestation of who he is and how he wants to impact the world. And it’s working for his business.

I can see how when we impact lives in such a positive way, our businesses can flourish in a healthy way. Our clients will want to continue to work with us and refer to us. We feel like we’re making the impact we started out to create.

Practicing the Message

I think it’s apparent Jason is practicing his message. I first met Jason when he spoke at a networking group I attend. He taught us a new way to share our business introductions. And, it changed the way I introduce myself. I now feel like I’m connecting with my tribe and with myself.

It wasn’t just his technique that sparked such a change inside me. But, it was also the way in which he interacted with us. It was human. It was personal. And it was about us. He was building relationships right there around the table.

I am positive Jason brings that same energy of caring and connection into his coaching practice. He’s brought it with him every time we’ve met or interacted. I think he can’t help but bring that energy with him because he is working from his heart. His coaching practice is a manifestation of who he is and how he wants to impact the world. And it’s working for his business.

Rewarding Life

I asked Jason about his goals. I felt a tinge of envy when he shared what he’s doing. Jason is moving towards working and teaching 100% remotely. Using tools like Facebook and Zoom, he’s starting to travel the world while he works. Business is growing and evolving into a healthier part of his life.

But my envy may be unnecessary. That’s because the path Jason is following – a path to a healthier business – is open to everyone. Although Jason focuses his business on helping wellness professionals and healers, I think his approach works for all of us. When we focus on simplifying, building relationships, and creating impact, we too can have a business that leads to a rewarding life.

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