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The Magical Spirit of Monica Ensign and Monica Ensign Design

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Monica Ensign is a natural artist and designer who sees the innate beauty in people, places and things. In essence, Monica Ensign Design is really just an expression of Monica’s spirit. Monica approaches interior design as way not only to enhance the beauty and functionality of what is already present, but also to embrace the spirit of those using and …

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Make Your Space Buzz with Ullika Pankratz of UP Design Lounge

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Ullika Pankratz, retail designer extraordinaire and owner of UP Design Lounge, wants to help you make your retail or office space shine. By bringing good lighting, beautiful color and height differences into your space, Ullika will help you create a space that stands out, attracts more attention, and enhances your business. Design for All: Ullika is quick to point out …

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Ginger Abernethy Designs: Creating Style For Your Life or Business

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Ginger Abernethy loves to design and to transform raw material into three dimensional beauty and style. Ginger is artist, designer, and master seamstress, all bundled into one. She has the perfect combination of talent and passion to fashion your style and bring it to life. The Artisan Designer:  It’s hard to categorize Ginger Abernethy as an interior designer, seamstress or …