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The Side Yard Farm Goes to Japan

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Stacey Givens, owner of The Side Yard Farm and Kitchen, was recently invited to Japan to show case her “farm-to-plate” suppers and to share her urban farming expertise. They Love Her Farm: Last spring, the Japanese magazine Huge did a series of articles about urban farming in the U.S., and Stacey Givens and the Side Yard Farm was featured.  Since its …

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Stacey Givens: Urban Farmer Who Nurtures Community at The Side Yard Farm and Kitchen

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Stacey Givens is simply an inspiration. Through The Side Yard Farm and Kitchen, Stacey has channeled her passion and creativity in the kitchen into something that is so much more than a sustainable urban farm. The Side Yard Farm also contributes to the community with its kids camps and workshops, while the nomadic kitchen offers up truly one-of-a-kind “seed to …