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Breanne Smith, owner of Nerd Nest Media, is one of those people with whom you just instantly connect. In fact, I just wanted to sit and chat with her all morning. Breanne Smith is a unique breed of web designer. She speaks our language, she’s super responsive, and she’s focused on serving and advocating for small businesses and solopreneurs. Nerd Nest Media offers affordable turnkey web design and branding as well as hourly consulting and training services. Whether you need a new web design, better SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or just some help in setting up your blog, Nerd Nest Media has you in mind.

To The Rescue

Breanne hasn’t always been a web designer, but I think Nerd Nest Media is her true calling. Breanne shared the story about her parents that prompted her to start a web design business. Her parents had just opened a small business and needed a website. They contracted with a company to build the site, but the website never materialized, despite its high cost. Breanne came to the rescue. She fired the original company and contracted with someone else to build the site.

Breanne says she quickly realized that small businesses had few places to turn for good web design. Most designers charged more than a small business could justify.  Business owners’ phone calls weren’t returned by the designers. The websites arrived without functionality. Marketing companies offer websites, but “marketing is not web building,” she says. Many marketing companies simply contract out the web build to subcontractors with sub par results. As a result, many small business owners opt for free or inexpensive, easy-to-build websites and templates that do not always speak well with Google.

So, Breanne enrolled in school to become a web designer. She wanted to build good, smart web sites with good SEO for small businesses at an affordable price. But she also wanted to serve the small business community with integrity, compassion and understanding. Breanne also wanted to bring a softer side to web design and branding. She says emotions matter – it’s not just a technical business, but also a personal business.

Tailored Technology For You

I get the sense Nerd Nest Media wants to be your partner to manage your technology needs. Breanne offers a collaborative and responsive process for designing your website and maintaining it. She really listens when you talk, giving her the ability to capture what you want before she does what she calls the nerdy work. She’ll call you back promptly and won’t leave you hanging out there in a technological abyss. She says she wants not only to provide small businesses with access to good web design, but also to give them some power back. Plus, she’s just a joy to work with.

After talking with Breanne I felt like I had a better understanding of the technicalities of my blog and its SEO. That’s a huge part of what Nerd Nest Media is about. Not only will Breanne work with you to develop a web design and brand that fits you perfectly, she will also teach you how to do as much of the updating and maintenance to your site as you wish. She has a very special knack for explaining how the technology works.

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Google Talk

I think SEO and Google search results are as mysterious to some of us as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I think most of us know it’s important, but we are just not sure how to get a piece of that illusive good SEO.  After speaking with Breanne, I am confident she understands it like it’s her native language. And more importantly, I am confident she can help me and teach me how to improve Google search results for my web presence. She did not suggest the typical “buy Ad Words” or that I spend a bunch of money to get better search results. She believes you can get good SEO for free if you know what to do. She’ll get it done for you at an affordable price, or teach you how to do it yourself

Portland Spirit

Breanne is originally from the Midwest. Although she always loved technology, she studied journalism and music theory in college. While living in Texas, she met her husband and worked for a foreclosure maintenance management company. After it was sold, she moved back to Indiana and lived there when the story of her parents’ business website unfolded.

Breanne and her husband moved to Portland in 2009. Her husband’s job transferred him, and he could live anywhere on the west coast. They chose Portland, and haven’t looked back. I think Breanne fits right in. She’s so personable and down-to-earth, but also a savvy entrepreneur. She’s got that Portland Spirit of equality and looking out for the little guy. She’s like a breath of fresh air in a world of high tech gadgetry and techno-speak. She makes the technology just so comfortable and something you can understand.

Nerdy Work

It’s about the service I think for Breanne. She says the best part of her day is a happy client and when someone is so excited to see their new website. In fact, she admits that she’s so busy serving her clients, her own website needs some maintenance. Her business is growing, and I’m not surprised. After meeting her, I can’t imagine not asking her to help me with my next web design.

Learn more about Breanne and the services provided by Nest Nest Media at its website. You can also follow her on Facebook. Breanne says, “We do the nerdy work.” Those services include:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Technical Consulting
  • Web Profile Optimization
If you need a new web presence, or just want to talk about what you’ve got, Breanne would love to hear from you.
Featured image source: Nerd Nest Media
Lisa Ratzlaff

Lisa Ratzlaff is a web designer who loves telling the amazing stories of interesting people and businesses in Portland, Oregon. Her web design business is Share Your Story Media, where she builds powerful websites for small service-based businesses that help them succeed online.