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Sharing the inspiring stories from the people I meet and the places I go in the city I love.

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Sharing Portland, one story at a time.

View of Hawthorne Bridge
Photo courtesy of Kerry Turner

Portland is full of interesting stories hiding in every neighborhood, nook, and cranny. Every day I am amazed at what I discover and who I meet.

These stories and the people behind them make Portland a vibrant city and a great place to live.

Reflections Laurelhurst Park
Photo by Teresa Herlinger

Sharing stories enriches our lives.

Build Community

Stories resonate with us and connect us to each other in a more personal way. These personal connections are the building blocks for stronger relationships and community.

Inspire Our Work

As we expand our community and reach, our work begins to blossom from our confidence and support in the community, creating a space for rewarding work. 

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The Side Yard Farm
Old Portland Building Sign
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