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Enjoy Healthy Eating with Your Living Foods

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Kathy Rossol of Your Living Foods believes healthy food not only tastes good, but it tastes better. When we eat food that nourishes our body, it also nourishes our soul. The good news is eating healthy is easier and more enjoyable than you might think. Kathy Rossol is a nutritional consultant who will teach you how easy it is to integrate healthy and delicious food into your life. Once you start, you’ll wonder why you ever ate differently.

Expand Your Diet

Kathy tells me most diets fail because we believe they limit rather than expand our choices. She has another approach. Kathy recommends that we start changing the way we eat by adding foods instead of removing them. For example, she suggests adding a vegetable to your typical breakfast or adding a leafy green to your dinner plate. Or, maybe put an avocado in your sandwich or salad. Now there’s a trick to make the sandwich or salad seem richer.

Fortunately, simply adding a few additional healthy foods to your normal diet mix can lead to big changes. We gradually begin to feel more satiated with that avocado with our lunch, so we eat fewer chips. We start noticing how much better we feel when we eat a few more vegetables, so we want to eat more of them. Slowly, we start shifting our food choices not out of obligation, but out of desire.

Grow Your Palate

Another trick Kathy employs is to add new flavors to your diet. She recommends we start exploring with our taste buds. We have been conditioned to want sweet foods, but then we are missing a whole world of other flavors and foods. Start mixing foods together like kale and bacon to enhance the flavors of each ingredient. Experimenting with new flavors and new foods adds variety to your diet and provides additional sources for the nutrients the body needs and craves.
Adding variety to our diets, Kathy says, is good for us. First, it helps crowd out the sugary and starchy foods. Second, it keeps our meals interesting. I know I get bored eating the same thing day in and day out. Finally, variety exposes us to more of the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy, eliminating the need for many if not all those extra supplements.

A Healthy Diet Heals

Kathy Rossol explained how many of the chronic health conditions we face, like diabetes, have roots in how we eat. Systemic inflammation is one of the biggest causes of chronic disease, and diet has a huge impact on inflammation. The best way, she says, to control inflammation is to reduce our sugar and carbohydrate intake.

By replacing foods with added sugars like high fructose corn syrup with healthier foods like berries or dates, we begin to reduce inflammation and to heal our bodies.


Pizza. Source: Kathy Rossol

We also just start feeling better when we eat less sugar. Sugar creates a false sense of energy in our bodies. While we may get an initial burst of energy, we later succumb to a crash, leading to the after-lunch sleepiness or mid-morning rush to Starbucks for coffee.

Have Fun with Food

I can almost hear you thinking, “but I don’t have time to cook all this food!” Kathy can help you with that too. Kathy has a wonderful supply of tasty and easy-to-make recipes she’ll share with you. In fact, she’ll come over to your house and cook with you to get you started. Kathy suggests a leap frog method to cooking to save time. She likes cooking a big batch, and then freezing servings to eat later. Or, perhaps you chop all your fruit and vegetables while watching your favorite tv show on the weekend, so you need less prep time after work.

Kathy will even take a trip with you to the grocery store to help you stock up on delicious healthy foods. First, she might peek in your cupboards to see what secrets about your diet they reveal. She’ll explain to you all the different types of sugar and how they show up in disguise on food labels and packaging. Then, she’ll guide you through the store and help you make some different choices that you will enjoy eating. I bet you have fun shopping together!

Kathy’s Food Journey

Kathy shares that she started Your Living Foods because of her own personal food journey. Some personal health issues prompted her to change her diet so she could manage her condition without medications. She succeeded. She decided she wanted to help other people achieve the same results.

Kathy’s eyes sparkled when she told me she has always loved cooking and working with food. So, she decided to enroll in a nutritional therapy program to become a nutritional consultant. Now, Kathy wants to help all us of optimize our diets for health and enjoyment.

It starts Young

Kathy wants to bring Your Living Foods to teens and youth. She believes if we start healthy eating habits when we’re young, we’ll continue them into adulthood. I think she’s onto something here. Kathy enjoys working with teenagers to help them make better food choices and to understand why those new food choices help them live fuller lives.

Kathy would also love to teach kids how to grow their own food. Kathy explains that you are more likely to eat healthy fruit and vegetables if you grow them yourself. So why not have more gardens in school or at home and show our children how much fun it is to grow food?

Nutrition Made Easy

Kathy knows a lot about food and nutrition. She is not only willing to share that knowledge, but she also explains it in way we can easily digest and understand. She recently spoke at a networking group meeting I attended, and afterwards I felt like I understood my gluten sensitivity for the first time. She also brought along some samples of healthy food, and we all gobbled it up and asked for more.

Reach out to Kathy Rossol at Your Living Foods if you want to eat to be healthy and also enjoy food at the same time.
Contact Kathy Rossol at | 206-261-5291

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