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Realtor Amanda Haworth Puts People and Community First

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You see it in their eyes when someone is truly passionate about what they’re doing. Amanda Haworth is one of those people. Amanda is a licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker at Living Room Realty, and she is passionate about serving her clients and her community.

The Real Estate Natural

Real Estate comes naturally to Amanda. I noticed it the first time I met her. I confess I’ve known Amanda for awhile because we worked together at Living Room Realty, and I wanted to be like Amanda – so confident, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring.

After talking to Amanda recently, I understand why Amanda is so special. First, she is in her natural environment. Amanda grew up with a father who sold real estate, so it’s in her blood. Also, Amanda just gets real estate inside and out. She understands the market and the contracts, builds relationships with other Realtors, has a talent for marketing, and is a savvy business woman.

Second, Amanda loves helping her clients buy and sell real estate. It’s more than having fun looking at houses and getting to know the neighborhoods. It’s also the joy of serving her clients.  Amanda says her favorite part of a real estate transaction is telling a buyer or seller they have an accepted offer. Everyone is happy at that point, and Amanda knows she played a big role in that.

Amanda started selling real estate about 10 years ago, when the market was down. She hustled and worked hard her first year to build her business. She always understood selling real estate is a full-time job, never thinking she could succeed any other way. But Amanda loved her new work and hasn’t looked back. Her business continues to grow, and she brought in a new business partner about a year ago.

For The People

The more I talked to Amanda, the more I realized her focus is really on the people she’s serving. She uses her knowledge and skills to make any real estate transaction easier and more enjoyable for her clients. Amanda has the knack for making her clients feel at ease during what can be a stressful time in life. Her clients can then focus on making their decisions without being stressed out.

In fact, Amanda Haworth epitomizes the value of working with a Realtor. Her clients are not numbers or transactions, but people first. She sees her clients as partners in the transaction, and they work together to reach the best possible outcome. But the partnership is more than just a business relationship. Amanda shares that she’s part Realtor and part counselor. She listens to her clients and empathizes with their concerns. Her clients trust her and know she’s on their side.

Knowledge On Your Side

That trust is well-deserved, I think. Amanda readily shares her knowledge with her clients, so they understand the process of buying and selling real estate. From the start of the relationship, Amanda explains the market conditions to her clients. She prepares them for what’s ahead by explaining how the transaction will work and telling them what scenarios could arise during it.

When negotiating for her clients, Amanda’s expertise and people skills give her a distinct advantage. Her knowledge gives her confidence and keeps her calm when things get tricky. Amanda knows the business so well, she’s just at ease and can quickly advise her clients and work out details with the other side. I’ve seen her in action, and it’s impressive.

Amanda also builds good rapport with the other agent. Having good rapport, Amanda explains, creates an environment for good problem solving. Also, other real estate brokers want to work with Amanda, which can give her clients an edge in a competitive situation.

For The Community

I think Amanda’s passion for the real estate business also reflects her love for our community. Amanda explains that one of the reasons she moved her business to Living Room Realty was to align her politics with her career. At Living Room Realty, Amanda has the opportunity to volunteer and to give back to the community. Living Room also promotes sustainable business practices and supports an inclusionary and diverse workplace culture.

Those ideals are important for Amanda. She believes in diversity and equality, but she also lives those values. She lives in Cully and supports organizations such as Living Cully. Amanda loves living in Cully, and she’s is excited to see how the community changes while keeping its diversity she loves so much.

A fire burns in Amanda’s eyes as we discuss the barriers the less privileged face when trying to buy a home. She’s thought long and hard about how to tackle inequality in home ownership. Whether the barrier is gentrification or lack of education, Amanda believes these communities need funding not just for developers, but for programs to invest in the people living there.

Despite her busy real estate business, Amanda makes time to give back to the community. She’s spent time working with p:ear, Urban Gleaners, Forest Park trail cleanup, and the PTA Clothing Center. Amanda says she just schedules her volunteer time like any other business appointment in her calendar. Volunteering is just something she does.

Amanda Haworth Serves for Success

I think there a lot of reasons why Amanda is so successful, but I think the secret is her service. Simply, Amanda puts people and community first. While working hard for others to succeed and to fulfill their dreams, she’s also building her own success. Putting her clients first certainly leads to referrals and repeat business, but also it leads to personal fulfillment. I believe her genuine love for people and desire for them to succeed fuels Amanda’s passion for her work and her community.

You can learn more about Amanda and read her blog posts at her page at Living Room Realty’s website.

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